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Let’s Talk project introducing the “No one is you! Mental Health Workbook for Youth”

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The “Let’s Talk” consortium is thrilled to announce the release of the “No one is you! Let’s Discuss Mental Health: Workbook for Young People.” This workbook is available in English HERE, as well as in Croatian, Greek, Italian, and Serbian languages HERE.

Inside this publication, you’ll discover a rich array of exercises, introspective inquiries, and solution strategies designed to explore a wide range of topics and foster conversations on mental health, relationships, identity, gender, communication, creativity, and the process of setting and achieving goals. While primarily intended for young people, it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in personal growth and development.

The workbook can serve as a diary, a source of inspiration, a guiding tool for self-improvement, and a means to facilitate open discussions and seek support in the aforementioned areas. We aspire to help individuals broach essential subjects that are relevant to us all, promoting enhanced connections, communication, emotional understanding, and self-awareness of our strengths. Furthermore, it can be a valuable aid when engaging in conversations about mental health with professionals such as counselors, psychologists, or therapists.

This resource is particularly useful for youth workers and others involved in formal or informal education and community engagement with young people. It can be seamlessly integrated into their programs as a supplementary tool. Additionally, we are in the process of creating an accompanying handbook for individuals working with young people, which will be published soon.

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