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KMOP supports the implementation of the National Deinstitutionalisation Strategy 2018-2027 in North Macedonia

Since 2020, we have been in close collaboration with associations and state authorities in North Macedonia: the Association for Support and Development “Humanost”, the Municipality of Demir Kapija, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, and the EU Delegation, in order to support the implementation of the National Deinstitutionalisation Strategy 2018-2027 and the nation’s ongoing deinstitutionalisation process. With this collaboration, we are contributing to the development of new community-based social services to enhance inclusion among people with intellectual disabilities in the mainstream community.


Last week we took a decisive step towards this collaborative aim, by hosting a fruitful study-visit for our partners from North Macedonia at KMOP’s two Group Houses in Kapandriti. We had the opportunity to share our 18 years of experience in service provision and transfer our knowledge on deinstitutionalisation, challenges, and innovative solutions, in an effort to increase the capacities of our counterparts from North Macedonia for better and sustainable community-based supported living conditions.


Find out more about KMOP’s work in the development and implementation of innovative social services in North Macedonia here

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