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Decentralisation in Kosovo

Joint Action for Decentralisation – Kosovo

The overall objective of this action is to contribute toward the completion of social services decentralisation process in Kosovo.

Reference Number: 404466/2018/03

Funded by: Europeaid     Duration: 21/12/2018 – 20/05/2023  


Despite the efforts to complete social services decentralisation which started in 2009, this process remains one of the main challenges in social welfare sector. Even though competencies have been decentralised from the central to the local level, financing of social and family services remains the fundamental concern which has not been yet implemented. As a consequence, it hinders the provision of quality and sustainable social services for the citizens in need for social protection. Except the lack of institutional will and capacities to implement the decentralisation process, civil society efforts to push and advocate for completion of the process have been and are sporadic, weak and not coordinated to increase the impact and to accelerate the process. Civil society has not been able to fully represent and give a voice to the most vulnerable citizens in the decentralisation process.


The overall objective of this action is to contribute toward the completion of social services decentralisation process in Kosovo. The specific objectives are: Strengthen and increase capacities and active role of Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF (here and after as KOMF) towards the social services decentralisation process; Advocate toward decentralisation of social services through contribution for the improvement of related legal framework, monitoring of current legislation  and mobilisation of public institutions; Raise awareness among wide public through media communication on social services decentralisation.

Special focus is given to the regular meetings among Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection – KOMF on the coordination of actions toward the completion of social services decentralisation process.

These trainings, mentoring coaching will be conducted with KOMF members NGOs aiming to strengthen their capacities to support social services decentralisation process. The capacity building process will be led by the applicants, which have an extended experience in the field.

Specifically, 1 four day study visit will be organized in Greece with 15 representatives of NGOs and representatives of project implementation partners, aiming to share best practice and exchange experience regarding social services decentralization process.

Furthermore, 6 online mentoring/coaching sessions will be organized to discuss the challenges and difficulties and gain knowledge and skills to advocate for the decentralisation process.

Three strategies and action plans will be drafted on Communication, Advocacy, Fundraising and Volunteering, dedicated to guide the advocacy platform toward decentralisation process of social services as well as to ensure financial sustainability of the network after the end of the project. Strategies and action plans will be drafted jointly with NGOs and TGSW NGO members.

The research will analyze the the impact of decentralisation and how this process affected quality of social service provision. Findings of this research will serve as a solid and field evidence baseline to feed the advocacy strategy towards decentralisation process.
Recommendations of the research on the impact of social services decentralisation process will serve as fundament for the further governmental and municipal planning related to the completion of the decentralisation process of social services.

Workshops will be organised to draft KOMF positions for both laws and roundtables will serve to push KOMF positions to further influence improvement of Law on Social and Family Services; Law on Local Government Finances, and establishment of Specific Grant for Social Service.

These roundtables will give voice to the concerns and views of citizens in need of social protection as well consolidate and unify the civil society position to support the amendment of Law on Social and Family Services; Law on Local Government Finances, and establishment of Specific Grant for Social Services5

The regular annual monitoring will provide a clear view regarding the implementation of the legal framework, identify evidence from the field and provide recommendations toward the needed steps which determine the completion of decentralization.

ConteThis action will increase Media communication, broadcasting on social services decentralisation process and contribute to raise awareness among wide public on the importance of completion the process.nt 7

The project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

The contents of this publication are sole responsibility of the author, and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre
Coalition of NGO for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF (XK) (Project Coordinator)

Organizata për Fëmijët pa Kujdes Prindëror – OFAP (XK)
SOS Fshatrat e Femijeve ne Kosove (XK)

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