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An initiative that aims to provide youth with skills and opportunities to further engage with EU and Member States policies.

GA number: 101081227

Funded by: CERV      Duration: 01/11/2022-31/10/2024


Young people’s lack of trust and exclusion from mainstream democratic structures and institutions of decision-making, the re-emergence of populism and nationalism and the shrinking democratic space hamper their ability to have a real say in policies that affect them.

The existing disengagement from institutionalised forms of participation is well reflected in the results of the European Parliament Youth Survey 2021: 55% of respondents say they do not understand much or anything about the EU; and 53% respondents feel they do not have much, or any, say over important decisions, laws and policies affecting their local area, while 70% for matters affecting the EU as a whole.

However, it is noted that the participation of young people in many forms of civic and political engagement including civil society organisations (CSOs) and social movements or youth-led global climate movements may bring them closer to EU-related issues.


The project aims to equip young people (aged 18-30) and youth association representatives with the tools and opportunities to actively contribute to improving EU and Member States policies, focusing on issues like the European Pillar of Social Rights, access to education, gender equality, and equal opportunities.


Online and onsite training sessions are carried out in all partner countries (Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium and Greece). The themes covered are: The Union and the Pillar of Social Rights; Advocating for Change; Developing Change; Learning to Research; Tools to Build Trust in Media; and Conducting Intercultural Dialogue.

✅ Workshop on Researching (EDS)

A youth manifesto will be developed by young European activitsts on issues related to democratic and civil life, meaningful youth engagement, and with the aim of surfacing youth main concerns, interests and requests on social rights. The manifesto also serves to raise public awareness on the youth viewpoint on social rights.

📄 Youth Activists’ Manifesto [EN]

📄 Youth Activists’ Manifesto [GR]

A 2-day youth roundtable event will be held online involving 101+ youth participants, who have carried out project works at national levels. Participants will present the final project work’s results to their peers –the manifestos –and will develop a European Youth Manifesto on European Pillar of Social Rights.

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.

Project Partners

KMOP – Education and Innovation Hub, Greece
ActionΑid International Italia, Italy
Fundacja Alternatywnych Inicjatyw Edukacyjnych, Poland
Association International Initiatives For Cooperation, Bulgaria
International Initiatives For Cooperation Galicia, Spain
Transitions Sdruzeni, Czech Republic
Mouvement Europeen (EMI), Belgium



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