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SAFE – Senior′s Anti-Fake Education

Supporting digital inclusion by enhancing the media literacy and critical thinking skills of seniors.

Grant Agreement Number: 2021-1-SI01-KA220-ADU-000033515

Funded by: Erasmus+      Duration: 28.02.2022 – 27.06.2024


While people of all ages are susceptible to fake news, studies have shown that older adults are more vulnerable than young people to believe and share fake news and digital misinformation. As different people and generations experience media messages differently, the SAFE (Seniors’ Anti-Fake Education) project specifically targets seniors as they have different sets of dispositions in interacting with media as compared to young people. The project addresses the challenge of critical thinking skills to navigate potential pitfalls using online sources and social media in an elderly people education context through provision of an innovative train-the-trainer programme for adult educators working with seniors.


SAFE will support digital inclusion by enhancing the media literacy and critical thinking skills of seniors (65+), and will provide adult educators with useful professional skills and action-oriented methods for developing elderly people’s ability to detect intentional misinformation in the internet and in social media.


A curriculum and related training materials for a blended learning offer for adult educators who work with senior learners (65+).

A series of workshops directly addressed to the final beneficiaries, senior learners (65+) who want to develop their digital competence and critical thinking with regard to fake news in the internet.

An online learning platform as well as information repository and networking tool for senior learners and the adult educators working with them.

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Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre (Greece)
Ljudska univerza Ptuj (Slovenia)
die Berater (Austria)
BUPNET GmbH (Germany)
CESIE (Italy)
CARDET (Cyprus)

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