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TV Spot supported by KMOP on the EU-funded programme “Civil Society Facility 2015, Moldova”

Photo with beneficiaries

KMOP supported the conception and production of a TV spot on Civil Society Facility 2015, a programme funded by the European Commission, whose purpose is to highlight how Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have been benefited through the support of EU-funded grant projects to expand their social impact and to support the local community.

The TV spot showcases real people, members of Civil Society Organisations, who are thanking the European Commission for its valuable support in various official languages of the EU having as a moto the phrase “we are stronger together”.

KMOP has supported the Delegation of the European Commission in Moldova from September 2007 to September 2010 in building the capacity of sub-granted CSOs through the design and delivery of capacity building programmes, through the set up and implementation of Help Desks and delivery of individual coaching plans for sub-grantees, as well as through the Monitoring of grant scheme implementation.

The TV spot has been produced by one of the leading Communication companies in Moldova and will be aired as a non-commercial advertisement on TV and online channels of the Republic of Moldova, as well as on social media.

Watch the video.

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