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Addressing Hate Speech in Daily Life

Addressing Hate Speech in Daily Life

On Friday, 29 March, at Impact Hub Athens, KMOP hosted an informative event titled “Addressing Hate Speech in Daily Life” which was met with great success. Over 100 media professionals, educators, psychologists, and institutional representatives participated in an interactive discussion. This discussion brought together journalists, mental health experts, and representatives from civil society organizations to delve into understanding and tackling the challenges of hate speech and examine how hate speech impacts the psychology of those who experience it firsthand.

The event placed significant emphasis on several key points including the escalation of hate speech among young people, the accountability of journalists, and the necessity of linguistic training to ensure the appropriate use of language in society. Moreover, there was a strong focus on enhancing policies that foster inclusion. Renowned mental health experts delved into the repercussions on both the direct targets of hate speech and the wider public constantly exposed to it. Dr. Antonis Klapsis, Vice President of KMOP and Assistant Professor at the University of Peloponnese, moderated the discussion. Among the distinguished speakers were media representatives such as Antillian Kotzai, Journalist and President of the Network of Young People of Immigrant Origin “ORIZONTES”; Mirela Dialeti, Journalist and Lawyer; Dimitra Athanasopoulou, PhD in Psychoanalytic Anthropology from the University of Paris, also a Journalist and Clinical Psychologist; and Mina Marouga, MSc Psychotherapist, who is a member of both the Hellenic and European Societies of Counselling.

  • KMOP’s initiatives aiming to combat hate speech

During the event, KMOP showcased its initiatives aimed at combating hate speech. Specifically, representatives of KMOP presented the Counter Hate initiative, which focuses on training professionals to address hate crime and hate speech, introduced Media Wise, which seeks to improve digital literacy among citizens, and Hate Trackers, which focuses on addressing hate speech online.

Are you interested in joining Hate Trackers? Discover how you can get involved here.

For further details, feel free to reach out to KMOP via [email protected] or by calling 210-3637547.

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