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Athens Pride 2023: Seminar on GBV against LGBTQI+ highlights issues and solutions

Athens Pride 2023: Seminar on GBV against LGBTQI+ highlights issues and solutions

The annual Athens Pride Week, which took place from May 17 to June 10, culminated in a vibrant pride parade held in the heart of Athens. Under the slogan “Once upon a time, I stood up, and I succeeded,” the event celebrated the resilience and triumphs of the LGBTQI+ community.

As part of the diverse program of celebrations and events, a seminar on Gender-Based Violence against LGBTQI+ was organised on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. Jointly presented by KMOP and Colour Youth, the seminar aimed to foster dialogue and exchange experiences on this pressing issue.

The seminar, titled “Gender-Based Violence against LGBTQI+ – Exchanging Experiences and Good Practices,” took place at the Hellenic-American Union. It embraced both physical and virtual participation, with attendees joining through Zoom. Distinguished representatives from various organisations, including Colour Youth, KMOP, Rainbow Families, Rainbow School, and LGBTQI+ Employment Support Group, shed light on the daily struggles and discrimination faced by the LGBTQI+ community.

Throughout the seminar, several critical topics were addressed:

  • Inadequate legal support for same-sex parents, as the current legislation only recognizes the biological link between a parent and a child.
  • Widespread misinformation and perpetuation of stereotypes due to the gaps in sexual education within schools.
  • Adverse effects on the mental health of LGBTQI+ youth.
  • Insufficient support for LGBTQI+ older individuals residing in care homes, compounded by the lack of expertise among caregivers in their interactions with LGBTQI+ individuals.
  • Challenges faced by LGBTQI+ individuals in accessing quality services for gender-based violence and finding employment.

During the seminar, several EU projects were showcased, shedding light on ongoing initiatives and efforts to address these issues: FreeAllIncluded, Let’s Talk, BestCare4LGBTQI+, Reboot Now.

The Athens Pride Week 2023 seminar on Gender-Based Violence against LGBTQI+ served as a platform to raise awareness, exchange knowledge, and foster collaboration among stakeholders. By shedding light on the challenges faced by the LGBTQI+ community, it aimed to inspire positive change and promote a more inclusive and accepting society.

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