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COMMIT: Empowering migrant communities to protect the Rights of the Child

COMMIT: Empowering migrant communities to protect the Rights of the Child

The protection and promotion of children’s rights is a crucial issue that requires collective efforts from different stakeholders. The project “COMMIT – Engaging diaspora and migrant COMMunities in the protection of the rIghTs of the child”, a transnational initiative involving organisations from four European countries, aims to stimulate the engagement of migrant communities and diasporas in Europe in the promotion and protection of the Rights of the Child.

The project recognises that migrant communities are important actors in improving child protection systems, yet their role in promoting children’s rights is often underestimated. Through mobilising community leaders, families, and children, the COMMIT project aims to create a safe community environment that fosters child development and wellbeing.

One of the key components of the COMMIT project is its e-learning platform, designed to raise awareness and knowledge of children’s rights among members of diaspora associations and migrant individuals. The e-learning course offers an accessible and convenient way for individuals to learn about children’s rights, including their legal protections, access to education, and health services. It also provides practical information on how to identify and report instances of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

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