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Eco URBAN Gardening Handbook

In a modern and rapidly changing world urbanization and over-concentration of population in large urban centers create new needs and living conditions that ultimately have direct or long-term effects on the individual and society as a whole. In fact, today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050, according to a new United Nations data set.

In such an environment, the idea of urban gardening came as another way of using available resources, such as urban areas, combining time and fulfilling needs such as livelihood, employment, socialization, entertainment, creativity.

Within this context, KMOP in cooperation with 5 civil society organizations have just developed the “Eco URBAN Gardening Handbook“, an innovative handbook aimed at young people and especially those vulnerable young people who need to find a way to social inclusion and the labor market who want to enhance their skills in urban gardening.

The handbook consists of five sections that include an overview of what URBAN Gardening is, present a theoretical approach to the definition, the basic background in terms of knowledge that one should have to start an urban garden, results of the research conducted in the project partner countries, useful information on the financing of corresponding project, as well as policy recommendations for improving the existing practices you may use to create an urban gardening.

The handbook provides practical information and guidelines for those who are interested in creating urban gardens and contributing towards a greener society.

To learn all the information download the handbook for free here

About the project URBAN

The Urban project will raise awareness and educate local community members – including vulnerable and threatened with exclusion young people, migrants/refugees – through setting up and maintaining urban gardens. The added value of project URBAN also includes its contribution to the growing discussion about the climate change adaptation, Ecosystem and sustainable development.

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