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International Virtual Exhibition “Equal in Dignity & Rights”

On the occasion of Human Rights Day on December the 10th, KMOP has partnered up with ARTIT  to create a virtual exhibition on the theme of human rights.


Aspiring to raise awareness about the need to protect every individual’s humanity and the right to live a liberated life of dignity, freedom and justice, the Virtual Exhibition “Equal in Dignity & Rights”, shall be a collection of human rights-inspired artworks, created by some of the most prominent emerging and established visual artists around the globe.

This call for art is open to all those visual artists who are exploring the connections between arts and human rights and wish to stimulate action for better, fairer and more sustainable societies. All two-dimensional visual art media other than photography are welcome. To participate for free, sign up, create your portfolio and submit your work.


Show us how your work relates to the exhibition’s theme by giving us your most precise and thoughtful description of your artworks. Rather than focusing on a single submission, our jury team is always looking to find out more about every participating artist, so make sure you upload more of your work as part of your portfolio. Don’t forget to include the title, medium and dimensions.


Cover image by Hrizdak Viktoria.

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