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Training course on the main principles of Autism Spectrum Disorder for youth workers

KMOP, together with the organisations CARDET (Cyprus), SOSU Ostjylland (Denmark), Anziani e non solo (Italy) και Fundació Mira’m (Spain), developed a training course specifically for youth workers. The aim was to empathise with their perspective and provide them with knowledge and tools that could be seamlessly integrated into their daily work with the young target group. This course was designed with the intention of equipping youth workers with practical skills and insights, enabling them to enhance their engagement with young individuals.

The course has been tested in Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Italy.

The course is implemented in the context of the Erasmus+ YouthASD project that is dedicated to raising awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in society and the creation of a more inclusive and supportive environment for young people with ASD, facilitating their active participation in all aspects of social, educational and working life.

Read more in the 2nd newsletter here.

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