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4Mi – Data Collection

Mixed Migration Monitoring Mechanism Initiative (4Mi) – Data Collection in Greece

Collecting data and understanding mixed migration trends to and within Europe.

Contract Number: MMCEurope.2019.02.

Funded by: Danish Refugee Council        Duration: 06/09/2019 – 31/01/2022   

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Since 2015, Greece has been at the forefront of the migration flows from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq to Europe. As of April 30 2019, UNHCR estimates that 77,150 migrants and refugees who arrived in Greece since the 2015-2016 flow still remain in the country, of whom 63,700 in the mainland. UNHCR data also show that 37% of the migrant and refugee population are children, 23% women and 40% men. The great majority of refugees and asylum seekers in the Greek mainland have found shelter through Accommodation Schemes or reside in open accommodation structures. A significant percentage of the refugee/asylum seeking population is living in Athens, Thessaloniki and Ioannina.

About the project

The Mixed Migration Monitoring Mechanism Initiative (4Mi) has been developing since 2014 a unique network of field monitors situated along frequently used routes and in major migratory hubs. It aims to offer a regular, standardized, quantitative and potentially globalized, system of collecting primary data on mixed migration flows.

Through the provision of credible evidence and expertise, the 4Mi project supports agencies, policy makers and humanitarian workers to make well-informed decisions, positively impact global and regional migration policies, contribute to meet protection needs and design assistance responses for people on the move.


In this framework, KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre provides consultancy services to the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) regarding the collection of data in Greece, in order to gain a greater understanding of mixed migration trends to and within Europe.

KMOP’s field monitors are trained to conduct in-depth interviews directly with refugees and migrants on the move and contribute to gathering every month 1,200 interviews. They are part of a network of more than 120 monitors deployed in over 20 countries, along frequently used routes and in major migratory hubs.

The field monitors use a closed-questions interview survey displayed on a tablet. The respondents are invited to anonymously self-report on a wide range of issues such as migratory drivers, means and conditions of travel, aspirations and destination choices.

KMOP targets adult refugees and asylum seekers from the three main Countries of Origin (CoO) – Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq – having arrived in Greece by irregular means after 2017.

Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre

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