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Supporting the resettlement of persons with intellectual disabilities from the residential institution of Demir Kapija into community-based supported living settings

OASIS supports the movement of persons with intellectual disabilities from the Demir Kapija institution in North Macedonia το modern Group-Houses.

Project Number: IPA 2019/414-203

Funded by: EuropeAid      Duration: 02/2020 – 12/2023


The deinstitutionalization process in North Macedonia began in the early 2000s, yet large institutions and accommodation facilities still exist throughout the country.

The initial Deinstitutionalization Strategy failed to meet its long-term goals regarding the number of resettled individuals. None of the institutions have been fully transformed, nor have personalized or community services been sufficiently developed.

Furthermore, the transition from institutional care to community-based services is hindered by the lack of a regulatory framework, an underdeveloped NGO sector, and insufficient skills and resources to support those in need.

his highlights the necessity for further support to advance the deinstitutionalization process in North Macedonia.


OASIS aims to support the resettling of persons with intellectual disabilities from Demir Kapija institution in North Macedonia into community-based supported living settings, and the development of new community-based social services, in order to enhance inclusion of people with intellectual/mental disabilities into mainstream community.


Resettling 10 persons with intellectual disabilities living in the residential institution of Demir Kapija into two community-based supported living settings.

Developing new community-based social services and expanding and improving existing local social services in Demir Kapija include community-based living, group homes, coordinated care and support services, home-care and support, personal assistance, and rehabilitation.

Execution of a targeted awareness campaign to educate and involve the community in the deinstitutionalization process, aiming to foster a supportive environment for including persons with intellectual disabilities.

Developing and implementing new ways of social services delivery based on users’ rights, person-centered approach, user involvement and empowerment, and collaborative, participative, and proactive approaches.

Enhancing the capacities and skills of professionals in the provision of person-centred social services to persons with mental/intellectual disabilities

The project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The contents of this website are sole responsibility of the author, and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

Project Partners

KMOP (Coordinator)
Association for Development Humanost
North Macedonia
Municipality of Demir Kapija
North Macedonia



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