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Protection of victims of human trafficking, capacity building and support to key social partners

The PROCAP project aspires to contribute to the fight against human trafficking for third-country nationals (TCNs) in Greece.

GA number: 6002554

Funded by: AMIF    Duration: 1/1/2024- 31/12/2025


Greece is one of the main entry points for asylum seekers and refugees in Europe. Populations affected by displacement and people fleeing persecution are particularly at risk of human trafficking. Although the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive establishes a robust system for assisting and supporting victims, Greece faces challenges with access to justice and the quality of support for victims and their families. Additionally, the prolonged armed conflict in Ukraine has resulted in mass displacement, with people seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Despite the establishment of a system guaranteeing temporary protection for the displaced population, security, exploitation, and abuse risks remain high, especially for women and children.


By offering quality services to victims in hosting facilities and urban areas of Attica and Central Macedonia, and training professionals (hospitality, public transportation, airports, school communities, reception centers) likely to encounter trafficking victims, PROCAP aspires to combat human trafficking among third-country nationals.


Solidarity Now, in collaboration with EKKA, provides direct support services such as: services: case management and psychosocial support, legal assistance and representation, translation and interpretation, escorts, and activities for integration and combating re-trafficking.

KMOP and EKKA will develop educational materials and train 180 professionals who may come into contact with (potential) victims of human trafficking (airport professionals, transportation personnel, tourist businesses, Labour Inspection, school community & Reception and Identification Service). The training material covers topics such as: signs of trafficking, prevention strategies, cultural elements, etc. The material will also be available through an e-learning platform.

The project “PROCAP / PROtection of victims of trafficking, CAPacity building and support to key stakeholders” is co-funded by the European Union under the Programme Greece – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) 2021-2027, as a Specific Action on the Provision of services to victims of trafficking in human beings who are third country nationals with OPS code: 6002554.

Project Partners

KMOP – Coordinator)
Solidarity Now
National Centre For Social Solidarity



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