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Social Economy – Regional Policies for supporting Social Economy Enterprises

SECON: An initiative to boost the social economy in EU regions.

GA number: 01C0224

Funded by: INTERREG Europe      Duration: 01 Mar 2023-31 May 2027


In the midst of an era defined by unprecedented technological advancements, social transformations, and economic shifts, Europe stands at a crossroads. These changes have sparked labor market restructuring, job insecurities, and socio-economic inequalities, yet they also offer new opportunities and a redefinition of individual and collective goals. Against this backdrop, the social economy assumes paramount importance for European economies, especially in light of the green transition and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project Summary

SECON aims to drive policy improvement and facilitate the exchange of best practices to promote social economy within EU regions. Recognising the potential of the social economy as a catalyst for sustainable growth and community development, the project intends to create an enabling environment that supports its advancement. To achieve this, SECON will embark on a comprehensive range of activities, including regional and interregional learning initiatives, the development of studies and reports, and knowledge exchange endeavors.


A comprehensive report examining national policy frameworks, regional and local policy instruments, as well as barriers and enabling factors influencing social economy development in rural areas.

SECON aspires to identify and disseminate good practices from the social economy ecosystem of partners’ regions, which are of potential interest to other regions. The main goal is to bolster the support of the social economy, by transferring or adapting their tangible or measurable results in other partners’ regions.

SECON aims to host 7 regional stakeholder group meeting (per country) to amplify the engagement of all interested participants.

SECON will host one interregional workshop in Bulgaria on improving visibility and awareness of social economy enterprises to individual and institutional consumers.

Two thematic seminars will be organised. The first seminar in Romania aims to foster a favourable enabling environment and non-financial support for the development of the regional social economy sector (in Romania) and the second in Belgium to improve the financial and taxation regional framework for social economy enterprises.

We will organise two study visits (in Spain and Poland) to enable stakeholders to gain firsthand experience and insights on social economy ecosystem by visiting relevant institutions, or initiatives in different regions.

The project will facilitate collaborative assessments of policy instruments to identify areas of improvement and enhance the effectiveness of existing policies.

The Interreg Europe programme authorities are not liable for any
information contained herein.

Project Partners

Region of Peloponnese
Mazowieckie Region
Consejería de Agricultura, Desarrollo Rural, Población y Territorio – Junta de Extremadura
Verband Region Rhein-Neckar
Harghita County Council
Oliveira de Azeméis Municipality
Riga Planning Region
Haskovo Municipality



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