Weight Matters: Strengths-based Coaching for Weight Literacy

Supporting adults to develop their own weight literacy and learn how to shift their mindsets in order to manage and sustain weight loss.

Grant Agreement Number: 2017-UK01-KA202-036623

Funded by: Erasmus+        Duration: 10/2017 – 09/2019   


The world is in the grip of an obesity crisis as its rates are constantly rising. Studies indicate that obesity has doubled over the past 20 years in many EU countries. In particular, recent statistics show that over half (52%) of our adult population was overweight (30 – 70%) or obese (10 – 30%). Additionally, more than a million people die each year because of obesity-related diseases in the WHO European region.

The causes of obesity are complex; they include biology and behaviour, and are firmly set within an environmental, social and cultural framework. Studies suggest that there is a strong relationship between obesity and low socioeconomic status, especially for women. People in lower socioeconomic groups are typically excluded from educational and public health opportunities, with women often facing at least a double disadvantage.


Weight Matters offers a unique set of solutions, with strengths-based coaching at its core, to support adults – especially those from lower socioeconomic groups – develop their own weight literacy, and learn to shift their mindsets in order to manage and sustain weight loss.


A report based on focus groups, survey and desk research identified barriers and challenges to weight control in obesogenic environments and mapped the skills and competences needed for effective interventions.

The training programme delivered a series of four innovative sessions specifically designed for the project’s target group. The aim of the training was to equip the participants with background information about the context of weight control, and knowledge about innovative techniques to learn weight literacy.

This action involves a strengths-based peer coaching programme delivered face-to-face, with a main focus on people with low socioeconomic background, who want to control or lose weight.

An innovative and engaging e-platform with a range of tools and resources to support adults to learn and develop skills and strategies for weight control in obesogenic environments. The platform is based on an innovative Social Learning Motivational Environment (for example see lykio.com).

Visit the e-platform.

An e-Guide was developed, aimed at adult education providers, trainers, coaches and health professionals to help them better understand how to support adults to learn positive psychology techniques for weight control and to overcome the challenges of living in obesogenic environments.

Read the e-guide.

Focus group with adults in Athens
Training that took place in November 2018.
Coaching group that took place in January 2019.
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Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre

Inova Consultancy (UK)
Acrosslimits (Malta)
CCS Digital Education (Greece)
ΑNDID (Italy)

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