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Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility through sports

Sports can play an important role in combating discrimination and promoting human rights, tolerance and social inclusion. In this context, it is crucial to enhance sports organizations’ abilities to implement socially responsible behavior.

Almost all professional organizations and sports teams began to engage in various forms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in recent years. This brings the clubs closer to society. However, to what extent the clubs have the capacity to design and implement CSR activities?

In order to contribute to the improvement of good governance in sports organizations in KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre developed, along with 4 social organizations of the EU, a comprehensive guide, aiming at enhancing the capacities and awareness of sports clubs/organizations, professional and semi-professional sports teams and clubs on implementing good governance principles through social responsibility.

The GoSport guide provides the necessary information on how sports organizations interpret, manage and prioritize social responsibility issues – especially in terms of combating violence, tackling racism, discrimination and intolerance, and encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities – how organizational governance influences social responsibility and how social responsibility is communicated within the organizations. Furthermore, this Guide provides tools to for-profit and non-profit sports organizations for understanding the relationships among the organizations, its stakeholders and society, and integrating socially responsible organizational governance practices.

If you work in the sports industry and you want to improve your knowledge on how to promote a more inclusive society through sports, download the GoSport guide here.

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