European Family Lab | Building impactful family support in a complex world

Supporting families is undoubtedly a key issue, especially nowadays in such difficult and unpredictable times created by the pandemic crisis worldwide.

We are happy to announce that the first European Family Lab is now available to help professionals working with parents and children at an initial stage and then address to families directly so as to help them manage the great challenges of the times.

Dr. Antonia Torrens, General Director of KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre and Vice President of COFACE Families Europe, one of the inspirers of the European Family Lab, stated: “This is the first step towards creating an online training center, which will involve families and professionals, mainly from the social / psychological and educational field, who come in contact with families throughout Europe. It is quite an ambitious project and we hope to use the great expertise we have in family support to create an active community of professionals who can share the values ​​of COFACE regarding gender equality, non-discrimination, social inclusion and human rights. The family as an institution needs support especially in this difficult period we are going through”.

The European Family Lab kicks off with a series of webinars on current issues, such as parent-children effective communication, bullying prevention, difficulties faced by very young parents, the influence of social media on family, the challenges of single-parent families, work-life balance in pandemic conditions and much more.

The seminars focus firstly on supporting families in Europe and secondly on creating a network of social stakeholders and international experts interested to offer their useful feedback and help in this important undertaking.

COFACE Families Europe is a European network of civil society organizations representing the interests of all families without discrimination. Some of the main areas of expertise of COFACE are work-life balance, education, disabilities, gender equality, migration, the needs of consumers, child protection, digitalization and many others. You can find more information at:

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre is an organization with a leading presence and 44 years of experience in supporting vulnerable social groups through the provision of social services, the implementation of social initiatives, education, research and development of know-how in social policy issues. You can find more information at:

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