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MetaCOIN Project Successfully Concludes Insightful Meeting in Turin

Turin, Italy – The MetaCOIN Project successfully wrapped up its highly anticipated three-day meeting in Turin, from April 16th to 18th, 2024.

The event brought together again all the partners from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Scotland marking a significant step forward in the project’s development and collaborative efforts.

Meeting Highlights

Key discussions on the first day included presentations and collaborative sessions, focusing on material presentations and discussions that paved the way for common decisions on critical topics affecting all working groups. This was complemented by keynote speeches addressing key themes such as meta-competences, human resources, diversity in the workplace, and the needs of the labour market.

Noteworthy speakers included Ms Catia Pernigotto, an expert in Labour Policies and Employment Centres for the Ministry of Labour and Ms Cristina Mereuta, senior Human Capital Development expert and coordinator for Active Labour Market Policies ETF European Training Foundation.

Looking Ahead

The insights gathered and the decisions made during this meeting are expected to significantly propel the MetaCOIN Project forward. The collaborative environment and the expert discussions have not only enhanced the project’s scope but also refined the strategic approaches to be adopted in future developments for the MetaCOIN Course.

For more information about the Meta Coin Project and future events, please visit the project website

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