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Public Dialogue on EU Cohesion Policy: Envisioning a More Social and Citizen-Centric Europe


Join us for a public dialogue with citizens and stakeholders on shaping the future of European social policies. Our Living Lab will focus on “A More Social Europe” and “A Europe Closer to Citizens,” two key priorities of the EU Cohesion Policy.

🕰️ 20th of June 2024, 18.30 – 20.00

📌 Rue du Commerce 46 Floor 005 Room 086 – Meeting Room (EMPL) SMALL

In the aftermath of the European elections, don’t miss the chance to:

  • Interact with representatives from ESF+, political advisors and experts
  • Discover the impact of Cohesion Policy funds across the EU and participate in open discussions
  • Have your say in identifying local challenges and propose effective solutions for future EU funding

👉 Read the agenda here

This event will take place in one of the buildings of the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion (the exact location details will be shared with the registered participants).

There is limited capacity. To attend the event and ensure your seat, register here by the 19th of June.


Introduction [18.30 – 18.40]

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • KMOP Policy Center and Current Initiatives
  • Overview of the Cohesion Policy and its Specific Objectives

Session 1: Understanding Cohesion Policy Specific Objectives [18.40 – 18.50]

  • Presentation on the Cohesion Policy Specific Objectives: A more social and inclusive Europe & A Europe closer to citizens
  • Examples of Successful Projects Funded under these Specific Objectives in the region
  • Cohesion Colors: Web TV episode extract filmed in Brussels

Session 2: A more social and inclusive Europe: Insights on the ESF+ Fund (Miranda Zavrou, Programme Manager & Christos Koulouteris, Team Leader of EMPL CY Team, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Aairs & Inclusion) [18.50 – 19.05]

  • Priorities and type of projects funded
  • Who can apply: an overview of the procedure

Session 3: ECIT Foundation: European Citizens’ Rights, Involvement and Trust (Tony Venables, ECIT Founder) [19.05 – 19.20]

  • Bringing the Cohesion Funds closer to citizens
  • European citizenship through participatory democracy

Session 4: Discussion with the public: Identifying Local Challenges and Solutions [19.20 – 19.50]

  • Identifying Local Challenges Related to the Cohesion Policy Priority through citizens’ experience
  • Idea Generation for Addressing Local Challenges: Solutions and Project Ideas
  • Evaluation of Feasibility and Impact of Ideas

Session 5: Conclusion and Next Steps [19.50 – 20.00]

  • Closing Remarks and Thank You
  • Next Steps: Upcoming project activities and events


  • Networking & Drinks: Informal Networking and Exchange of Contacts


A few words about the project

The CITADEL project is an awareness-raising campaign aiming to inform people in three different Member States (i.e. Cyprus, France and Belgium) about (i) Cohesion Policy; (ii) its priorities and funds; (iii) projects funded through Cohesion Policy across all three partner countries/regions; and (iv) Cohesion Policy’s contribution in promoting a more inclusive, sustainable, green, connected and closer to the citizens European Union. To this goal, a series of activities are in place, including a comprehensive awareness-raising campaign through both new and traditional media and engagement with several stakeholders across all three different regions participating in the project.

For More Information: [email protected]

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