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STAGE Newsletter #1 | Supporting migrant integration through digital services

STAGE Newsletter #1 | Supporting migrant integration through digital services

The successful integration of migrants is key to the future welfare, prosperity and unity of European societies. Aiming to tackle the difficulties that migrants face when entering a host country and create a framework where they will feel welcome and embraced, KMOP has joined forces with 4 European organizations within the Erasmus+ project “STAGE –  SupporTing migrAnt inteGration and combating racism at local level through digital servicEs”.


The main objective of the project is to strengthen migrants’ social inclusion, regardless of racial and ethnic identity, gender, age, and sexual orientation. STAGE aims to create an environment in which migrants feel welcomed and included in the host country while at the same time combating racism, xenophobia and discrimination they face.


The project will develop:

  • A Web App for migrants with the purpose of supporting language learning, information access and networking relationships;
  • An Interactive Map in order to share migrants’ stories and routes;
  • A Capacity Building program for NGO volunteers, adult trainers, organization staff in order to help them increase their skills in dealing with migrants.


Read the project’s 1st Newsletter to find out what we have done so far and what we are planning to do next!



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