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Digital Theatre | How do we support theatre and its people?

Digital Theatre newsletter

Digital Theatre is a European initiative aiming to support theatre and its people – both professionals and non-professionals – by offering them the tools they need to enhance their digital skills and digitally adjust their work in the post-Covid era.

Along with 4 organizations from Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and the U.K., KMOP aims to: contribute to the promotion of theatre as a tool of personal and professional development; support and equip theatre professionals with the necessary tools to adapt their theatrical work in the new digital era; support non-professionals who use theatre as means of art, therapy, expression, and social inclusion to develop their digital skills and continue their artistic work.

Currently, we are developing a Guide for theatre professionals, that includes a methodology and a training curriculum in a digitally native theatre. Also, two of our partners – La Xixa and Artit – have piloted digital theatre plays. The piloting focused on the processes of creation, production and performance of a digital native theatre using innovative methods and tools enabled by digital platforms.

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