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History Box | Practical Guidelines for Adult Educators: Including history education in the integration process

The History Box project, an initiative funded by Erasmus+, has released its Practical Guidelines for Adult Educators. Developed by project partners, under the coordination of KMOP Policy Center, these guidelines provide insights, practical information, and recommendations for practitioners engaged in the integration of migrants and refugees. They address the crucial need to include History Education in the integration process and language courses, fostering a meaningful understanding of the host country’s history and culture among learners.

History Box aims to empower educators to share insights into key aspects of the host country’s history with learners enrolled in language courses, integration programs, and other educational offerings for newly arrived refugees and migrants. By raising awareness among educators, refugees, migrants, and other relevant stakeholders, the project highlights the importance and benefits of learning history, particularly in the context of fostering inclusion in host societies.

The Practical Guidelines cover three essential thematic areas. Firstly, they provide an overview of the History Box project, outlining its objectives and aspirations. Secondly, they delve into the integration of immigrants and refugees in the History Box countries, offering valuable insights and contextual information. Lastly, the guidelines offer practical considerations for adult educators, equipping them with strategies to effectively incorporate history education into the integration process.

These comprehensive guidelines were developed based on national reports provided by project partners and the outcomes of workshops conducted with peers and experts from participating organisations. By combining practical expertise and evidence-based strategies, the guidelines serve as a valuable resource for professionals working in adult learning and engaging with migrants and refugees during the integration process.

To access the Practical Guidelines please click HERE.

About History Box

The History Box project aims to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees by providing insights into the host country’s history. By raising awareness and offering educational resources, History Box strives to create inclusive societies and empower individuals to contribute meaningfully to their new communities. For more information about the project please visit

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