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Together we can empower youth for a better future!

2022 has been designated as the European Year of Youth, shedding light on the important role of youth in society. Young people are the backbone of Europe and hold the key to creating a better, more inclusive and sustainable future for all. However, they face many challenges as a repercussion of youth unemployment, technological change, discrimination, populism, and other socio-economic factors that limit their potential.

Designing a prosperous future, where young people will be at the forefront, requires understanding and encouraging them to get involved. This is how they will be able to meet their needs and enable them to thrive in a changing world.

Are you developing a youth proposal for the Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in youth (KA220-YOU)?

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Youth Projects

At KMOP, we work to help young people unleash their full potential and shape together with them the society we want to live in. Having established strong partnerships at local, national and European level, we design and implement evidence-based initiatives that:

  • Equip young people with the necessary competencies to become active citizens, agents of solidarity, and spark positive change inspired by EU values.
  • Improve the effectiveness of public policy decisions in sectors that affect youth’s life such as employment, education and social inclusion.
  • Provide youth organizations and youth workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to offer quality services to youth.
  • Address youth poverty and any type of discrimination against vulnerable or marginalized youth, so that no one is left behind.
  • Raise awareness on the role of youth in society.

How KMOP is taking action to empower youth

  • Fostering Active Citizenship of Young People

We are collaborating with 5 European organizations to foster the active participation of youth in civic life, by familiarizing them with the European youth goals and future EU youth policies through inclusive and sustainable grassroots sports activities. Find out more here.

Furthermore, in June, we organized an International Youth Mobility event where we had the opportunity to engage, empower and connect 40 young people from all over Europe with the European Youth Goals through sports activities.

YouthMythBusters-projectWe have created an e-learning platform, through which we equipped more than 450 European youth with the knowledge needed to be active citizens, and develop their critical thinking and media literacy skills, while countering fake news, hate speech, and propaganda online. Find out more here.

Did you miss our online Conference “Young People: Active Citizens in a Digital World” with the participation of MEPs and experts from media, academia and civil society? Watch it here:

  • Increasing quality of youth work

REBUILD project logoWe are working together with European youth organizations to equip youth workers with the knowledge and tools drawn from social solidarity and green initiatives identified as good practices, that can be used to foster youth engagement, with a special focus on marginalized young people. Find out more here.



  • Promoting youth entrepreneurship including social entrepreneurship

Stars4SD SurveyWe have recently coordinated a desk and field research in n Greece, Italy, Austria, Belgium and Cyprus that presents detailed insights from youth, entrepreneurs, and business experts on how to foster youth entrepreneurship through the Sustainable Development Goals. Download the survey here.





Project LogoWe promoted social entrepreneurship in the health and social care sectors, as an alternative pathway to young people’s self-sustainability, by developing the social entrepreneurship and business skills of 55 unemployed youth with relevant educational or professional background through a capacity-building and networking e-platform. Find out more here.


  • Strengthening the employability of young people

Project LogoWe have developed innovative educational programmes for Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) students and professionals, in order to improve their knowledge and skills in communication and responsiveness to SDGs challenges, entrepreneurship, and sustainable innovation, improving thus their employability prospects. Find out more here.


  • Increasing youth participation in the fight against climate change

Ocea(n)rt project logoWe are developing a capacity-building program to foster youth workers’ ability to boost young people’s participation in ocean protection through visual artworks. Find out more here.



  • Reinforcing links between policy, research, and practice

KMOP is an active member of the Greek National Dialogue Group, created as part of the EU Youth Dialogue. The National Dialogue Group aims to strengthen the cooperation of civil society, the recording the opinions of youth, the engagement of policymakers and young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, for participation in the decision-making centers and, ultimately, for the contribution of Greek youth in the implementation of the objectives of the EU Strategy for Youth and planning of the National Strategy in the field of Youth. Based on our experience in mapping societal challenges and implementing innovative projects, we will contribute to achieving these goals, along with 23 Greek organizations.


  • A few of our new projects

EDI GO! | We are collaborating with 5 European partners to strengthen organizations working with young people – including youth organizations, schools, sports associations, and firms – in improving their equality, diversity, and inclusion practices.



REFUGIN | We work to achieve a sustained integration of young refugees by capacitating the practitioners who work with them, thus enhancing their chances to develop meaningful and positive futures.



Greening Financial Literacy | We are creating innovative educational material on green financial literacy (GFL) in the youth sector, helping foster innovation and capacity building among youth, and increasing the possibilities to fight the climate crisis.


MINDSET | We are planning to create novel ways of tackling gaming addiction issues that young people are suffering from, by providing youth workers and youth organizations with the knowledge and tools to recognize the signs of gaming disorder, and by promoting the development of new policies for identification and prevention.


Together we can amplify our impact!

For new partnerships, contact us at: [email protected]

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