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Youth Festival showcases creative social and environmental initiatives by young people

Youth Festival showcases creative social and environmental initiatives by young people

More than 120 young people, as well as representatives of youth and civil society organisations, participated in the Youth Festival “Youth Initiatives in the Spotlight”, organised by KMOP, in collaboration with the Mediterranean College, on April 5th, at the Serafio of City of Αthens.

The event showcased various youth initiatives with a positive social and environmental impact, providing a platform for young people to learn about and present their projects. A Youth Fair was also held, where young people had the opportunity to talk to representatives of organisations, learn about European programs and actions, and become more active in their local communities.

During the festival, four teams – Foxes, Re-liders, Green Recess, and Bins Mapping – vied for the top spot in the best youth initiative competition. Green Recess triumphed with its project that aims to educate young people and children about the advantages of composting and to advocate for a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. As the winner, Green Recess will travel to Brussels from May 2-5, accompanied by other European youth groups, to take part in the International Youth Festival.

The festival also welcomed the participation of the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM). Ms. Konstantina Ais from INEDIVIM presented the actions being implemented in the fields of youth and sport as part of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programs, while Ms. Kalliopi Dalla referred to the Eurodesk Network, which provides information to young people on learning mobility opportunities in Europe.

Ms. Katerina Xyni, General Manager of the Mediterranean College, presented the educational programs and actions implemented by the College to enhance the skills and learning opportunities of young students.

The festival was also an opportunity for various youth organisations to present their activities, including Hellenic Youth Participation, Amazing Youth, All for Blue, Dare Dance Digitalize, Elix, KEAN, Inter Alia, ISIC, Network of Migrant Youth “Horizons”, We Need Books, Ecotivity, and Young European Federalists.

Youth Festival - Rebuild


The Youth Festival was organised in the framework of the European project Rebuild, which aims to strengthen the participation of young people in the community through networking opportunities, mobility programs, and training on project implementation. “The Rebuild project gave us a unique opportunity to bring together youth organisations to exchange good practices and support youth groups so that they can plan and implement actions with a positive social and environmental impact,” said Ms. Ariadni Matraka, Project Manager at KMOP.

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