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STAGE: Supporting migrant integration and combating racism through digital services


The successful integration of migrants is key to the future welfare, prosperity and unity of European societies. Aiming to tackle the difficulties that migrants face when entering a host country and create a framework where they will feel welcome and embraced, 5 organizations across Europe have joined forces within the Erasmus+ project “STAGE –  SupporTing migrAnt inteGration and combating racism at local level through digital servicEs”.

The STAGE project aims to foster social inclusion of migrants and their family members in their host countries, through establishing a three-way social inclusion approach which includes an innovative Web app for migrants, an Interactive Map to share migration routes and stories, and a Capacity Building programme for adult staff working with migrants.

This multi-layered but direct approach will offer migrants a hands-on experience of social inclusion and will support them, not only to familiarise with the host country’s language, but also to gain access to information provided by local authorities related to them, and to build a network through pairing them with mentors.

STAGE is addressed to people with migration background (including TCNs, asylum seekers, refugees, and people under international protection, as well as their families); mentors and adult TCN trainers; NGO volunteers, adult education staff and organization staff; the general public.

Where are we now, what’s next

The STAGE project was officially launched on the 28th of February! All partners participated in the official kick-off meeting hosted by French organization GIP Fipan. The KoM represented an opportunity to meet, do some brainstorming and actively contribute to the project activities.


Currently, we are working to understand the cultural background, the social inclusion levels and the needs of migrants in host countries. To do so, the partners of the STAGE project have prepared questionnaires that will be shared among target groups in the participating countries. All collected data will be presented in five national and one comprehensive report and will lay the groundwork for the development of the mobile app for migrants.

The STAGE project is implemented in 5 European countries – France, Germany, Greece, Cyprus and Italy – by the following organizations: GIP FIPAN (FR), SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education (CY), KMOP (GR), Impact Circles (GER), HT Apps (IT).

Stay tuned for the latest news related to this new #erasmusplus project!

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