The FamilEU is funded by the ERASMUS+ programme (Key Action 2: Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices). It envisions developing a digital training toolkit for adult trainers and professionals who already work in the areas of family care for many years. The aim of the FamilEU is to equip the social workers and other relevant practitioners in areas of social welfare, provide training to family member, in order to be able to provide peer to peer support to their family members who are in need, while facilitating their (re) integration both in the society and in the market where appropriate.

The escalating socio-economic transformations have affected in a profound manner the molecule of the EU society that is the family. The limited resources of the states, as well as of the families, demand a new approach in the provision of social welfare, where peer to peer support, through the acquisition of relevant lifelong skills by EU citizens is both in demand and in need. EU states are still in the conception phase of this approach, searching for successful models and tools to integrate in their upcoming initiatives.

The FamilEU will provide the necessary practical, theoretical and pedagogical framework to train social work professionals, in order to educate EU families to meet the social, economic and professional challenges in an effective way.

The main output of the FamilEU project will be a toolkit, built on an online e-learning platform, which will host (online) training modules, social network applications, data bases, information material and manuals, for social work professionals on how to train adult members of EU families, in order to provide internal support to their family members in need. Additionally the FamilEU will be also available through a mobile platform application.

The main services provided by KMOP within the context of this project include the following:  

  • Contribution to the development of transnational state of the art and gap analysis reports
  • Contribution to the design of online curriculum and modules
  • Contribution to the development of online platform and mobile application
  • Pilot testing of the developed production in Greece
  • Contribution to the design and development of the adaption toolkit
  • Organisation of national dissemination seminars
  • Contribution to the organisation of a European Sustainability Conference


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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